Psychotherapy is useful to address a wide variety of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, family problems, sexual issues, academic and career issues, self-esteem issues, and eating disorders. The specific therapeutic approach utilized may vary depending on the individual needs and goals, and can include symptom reduction, changing behaviors, specific life goals, or just feeling better.

Sessions may be directed but most often, the individual sets the agenda speaking freely about whatever is on their mind. I facilitate the exploration of feelings, the development of insight, provide pointed questions in response to what you have shared and may offer specific strategies for handling some of the more complicated life issues.

Psychotherapy is conducted at a minimum of 1 time per week, but often 2 times per week in a 45 minute session.

Psychoanalysis provides an opportunity for a deeper exploration into the self. The focus of psychoanalysis is to develop insight and understanding of long-standing problems and inner conflict. Psychoanalysis is particularly useful in the treatment of personality issues and in addressing chronic and persistent symptoms. Free association, dream work, and an understanding of the individual in the context of interpersonal and developmental lines offer the groundwork for lasting change. 

Psychoanalysis is conducted at a frequency of 3-5 times per week using the analytic couch and requires a longer term commitment.

Meal Support is offered as an additional service to patients who experience disordered feeding patterns in the context of an eating disorder. Meal Support involves the co-experience of eating together so that reactions can be addressed and processed in real time. Together we work to understand the emotional experience and challenges connected with nourishment including food anxiety ("safe" foods, "good" vs. "bad" foods), hunger and satiety cues, rate of consumption, eating in public, ordering off a menu, and restricting, binging and purging behaviors.

Meal Support Therapy occurs in 45-90 minute individual and group sessions.

Group Therapy is usually comprised of 4 to 8 group members who are all working on a common issue. It provides an opportunity to connect with others who are experiencing similar conflicts, while working together to support each other as individual growth and insight is achieved. Prior group therapy foci have included body image and eating disorder groups, emotional skill building groups, parents as partners, and relationship skills groups.

Group Therapy ranges from 75-90 minute weekly sessions. Please inquire for current schedule and availability.

Current Group Schedule: 

Shame Resilience & Body Image Group for Binge Eating,
Compulsive Over-Eating/Emotional Eating


Start Date: Monday July 6th 2015 thru Monday August 24th 2015

Time: 7:45pm-9:15pm

Fee: $600

This 8-week group provides a confidential, supportive environment for individuals who wish to address patterns of disordered eating, issues of body image & relationship to self and others. This group helps build in the Gentle Voice to create more empathy and self-compassion. This groups helps address the feelings of shame and fear common in eating disorders, but particularly evident in clients with binging & compulsive eating behaviors. This group is based on the work of Dr. Brene Brown a clinical researcher who has spent the last 12 years studying vulnerability, courage, worry & shame. 

 The group is based on Dr. Brown's 10 principles of WholeHearted Living:

  1. Letting go of what people think, and cultivating Authenticity
  2. Letting go of perfectionism, and cultivating Self-Compassion
  3. Letting go of numbing and powerlessness, and cultivating Resilient Spirit
  4. Letting go of scarcity and fear of the dark, and cultivating Gratitude and Joy
  5. Letting go of need for certainty, and cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith
  6. Letting go of comparison, and cultivating Creativity
  7. Letting go of exhaustion and productivity as self-worth, and cultivating Play and Rest
  8. Letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle, and cultivating Calm and Stillness
  9. Letting go of self-doubt and “supposed to,” and cultivating Meaningful Work
  10. Letting go of being cool and “always in control,” and cultivating Laughter, Song and Dance

Upper West Side location, convenient to all public transportation.


Make Friends With Food! Meal Group

*Spaces are extremely limited. Early registration is encouraged*

Mexican Fiesta Dinner
Wednesday June 24th, 2015
Make fresh veggies delicious and exciting to cook with while creating a quick & easy weeknight meal

Saturday Brunch
Saturday July 25th, 2015
Conquer the weekend brunch date once and for all by learning how to negotiate your nutritional needs in a social situation

Italian Family-Style Dinner
Saturday August 8th, 2015
This family-style meal will offer the opportunity to practice portioning around risky/trigger/challenge foods and engage your mindful eating skills

Fee: $175 per session

These collaborative cook & dine experiences are co-led by a therapist, nutritionist and a chef. These groups will help clients make friends with food by participating in meal preparation, and de-mystify the cooking process in an effort to take the fear out of food! Whether you are working to address fear/challenge/risky foods, or need help learning how to add food variety to your meals, this group will satisfy! The group will then dine together for a therapeutic meal session to process the experience. All cook & dine sessions will include:

  • Hands on practice in the kitchen
  • Mindful Eating Meditation
  • Meal pre/post process session
  • Help decrease anxiety around food
  • Address destructive thought patterns & behaviors in real time
  • Challenge food rules & rituals
  • Increase comfort around social-food events
  • Active support to encourage connection with hunger, fullness, and satiety
  • Friendly, warm, and caring staff
  • Take home recipe card & mindful eating meditation card to continue to practice your new skills at home


Center Your Self: 6 Weeks Toward Gaining Control of Food & Feelings 

Start Date: Friday May 22nd 2015 thru Friday June 26th 2015


This 6-week group provides a confidential, supportive environment for individuals who wish to address patterns of disordered eating, issues of body image & relationship to self and others. Combining psychoeducational and psychodynamic techniques, the group will provide methods to understand and reduce the preoccupying habits, thoughts and behaviors regarding food and body, which serve to disconnect from emotional & physical experiences.

 We utilize mindfulness, behavioral techniques, and dynamic group process to connect individuals with their feelings and body and develop regulatory capacities while providing a context for understanding the meanings and functions of their patterns of disordered eating, body image & relationship to self and others.

The experiential nature of the group creates opportunities for self-awareness, identification of triggers, and differentiation between authentic  vs. emotion driven hunger. Group process will be used to develop & integrate alternate skills and strategies for tolerating emotions as related to all forms of disordered eating. This group is appropriate for individuals wishing to supplement current or prior treatment as well as those just beginning their exploration of the meaning/role food & body play in their life.

For additional information on current groups please click here to visit the UWS Therapy Collaborative and to register! 

Whether you are dating, living together or married, couples therapy can provide a critical intervention to strengthen the intimate bond and identify trouble spots in communication patterns. Couples Therapy is especially useful when one partner is struggling with an eating disorder as the eating disorder can become a "third partner" in the relationship. 

Couples Therapy sessions are 45-60 minutes in length, typically once per week, and often time limited.