Missed/Canceled Appointments: Patients are responsible for their regularly scheduled, standing appointments and will be charged for the time reserved if you cancel or miss an appointment. If a cancellation is necessary, I will try to be as flexible as possible in rescheduling. I also provide the option of conducting a session by phone or Skype/Google Video if you cannot come to my office.

Telephone Communications: I will make myself as available as I can for ongoing telephone communications with clients and families. Usually, all calls are returned within 24 hours. I can also be reached in emergencies via pager. Telephone communication requiring more than 15 minutes will be pro-rated at my hourly rate for standard sessions.

Fees: Fees are discussed and agreed upon during the initial consultation. Payment can be made by check, cash or credit card.

Billing & Payment: You will be expected to pay for each psychotherapy session at the time it is held, unless you and I agree otherwise. In circumstances of financial hardship, a fee adjustment or payment plan may be arranged. If I am a preferred provider for your insurance plan, the fee and co-payment are set by the plan. If I am not a preferred provider for your insurance plan, you are responsible for full payment, but if you request I will provide you with a monthly statement of fees paid so that you can seek reimbursement for "out of network" care. You will be expected to pay for your scheduled session time regardless of whether you miss or cancel an appointment. If you are using an insurance policy to pay for your sessions, and you need to miss or cancel an appointment, you will be responsible for paying me the full missed session fee.

Insurance: I am an in-network provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Cigna Insurance Policies. Utilizing your health insurance for payment limits an individuals rights to confidentiality and control over personal information. If you have a health insurance plan that I do not directly participate in, I am happy to provide you with a statement at the end of the month that includes the necessary information for submitting a claim to your insurance carrier. Most patients have had success getting reimbursed by their insurance carriers for my services as an out-of-network provider.